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New York City and metro area also called concrete jungle, Concrete Sidewalk play an important role in every residential and commercial building. Maintaining a concrete sidewalk is easy and can be hard in extreme weather condition. New York city law required to have a proper sidewalk for pedestrian.

Most of sidewalks in New York city, Bronx, Brooklyn and queens are of concrete. By time and due to weather in New York city total age of a sidewalk is from 5-10 years which also depend on the foot traffic. The sidewalk concrete age can be increased if we use top quality sidewalk concrete material, proper water drainage and care.

In New York City common cause for a concrete sidewalk to get damage before it age are, water damage due to not have a proper water slope, Having tree roots uplifting the sidewalk, poor material used, never install new expansion joints once the old one finished.

Trip hazard on concrete sidewalk is a trouble for residential and commercial building, NYC DOT workers continuously monitor concrete sidewalks in all borough of new york city regularly which include Bronx, queens, Brooklyn, Manhattan and state island. If DOT sees any trip hazard, or damage on sidewalk they will send you a violation by law to get it repair as soon as you can. Having a issue on your sidewalk can cost you more money if someone fall or trip. Your insurance can go high and by law you need to follow up with courts and insurance companies.

We at GLC concrete contractors take care concrete sidewalks very well. We provide free quote for sidewalk concrete and send our professional people to examine the situation. We recommend to demolish old concrete sidewalk or damage sidewalk area & install new one instead of repairing it which does not last longer and look rough.

Our sidewalk concrete professional install or repair concrete sidewalk with DOT requirements, we are fully licensed and insured contractors and every time we out for sidewalk work we make sure that all concrete sidewalk installation law are followed.

We use top quality concrete ready mix companies for our installation and repair task. Most concrete contractors in new york city use some low profile ready mix concrete companies to save some bucks which later cause a headache and end on cracks on sidewalk.

We take care all quality requirement and guideline while installing or repairing a concrete sidewalk. Just Call us or Hit “Free Quote” Button to schedule and appointment.
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